Recent Funny and Cute Boston Terrier Viral Videos Compilation – Cuteness Overload

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Most cute and funny Boston Terrier dogs viral videos compilation that you will be amazed and try not laugh.
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46 thoughts on “Recent Funny and Cute Boston Terrier Viral Videos Compilation – Cuteness Overload”

  1. Rare though they are, there ARE Boston Terriers that are all white. The Boston Terrier I adopted, his best friend at his foster home was an all-white Boston. I felt bad that I couldn't adopt them both. Agree though, with that body type, the first one is a Frenchie.

  2. One time I knew this French dude that had a Boston terrier. His dog was kinda mean to him and teared his hair out and farted on his face. To be fair he was a stray and started out aggressive. But he was really sweet in the end. He even met vanilla ice the rapper!

  3. Yeah sure the first one was a frenchie, but can you be mad at them? They have the same face and ears and not everyone knows the difference between them

  4. I have 2 Boston’s & one is white face and very smaller than her bio sister. She was the runt but everyone asks me weekly if she is a French Bulldog.

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