Are Jack Russell good family dogs? Should you pet this breed of dogs?

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Your dog is an important member of the family. Every breed has something different to offer and they all come with a different set of instructions.

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Did you know that the Jack Russell Terrier was initially bred to hunt foxes? The Terrier was named after Reverend John Russell.

He bred Terriers to aid in fox hunting in Devonshire, England during the mid-to-late 1800s. Legend has it that he acquired his first Terrier, ‘Trump’, from a milkman around 1816.

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6 thoughts on “Are Jack Russell good family dogs? Should you pet this breed of dogs?”

  1. My jack was scared of guns and so many other loud noises Eve the train we live right next untill he lived with us for a while. But i feel he still has a little of his hunting in him since he loves to chase my sisters dog. I've have my dog since kindergarten and I'm in 8th grade.he was three when we got him and he is the best guard dog and friend I've ever had. He sleeps with me every night and gets upset when I stay at a friend's house

  2. I just got Jack Russell terrier for birthday.She is sweetheart.❤We keep her in the house,but we got huge backyard,so she enjoys being outside.She learned all tricks in 2 months.She loves be around big doges.SORRY IF THERE IS A LOT MISTAKES,ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LAUNGAGE.

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