How to Train a Jack Russell puppy? Complete Step by Step Guide

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A Jack Russell is a small dog breed that has quite a huge personality for their size. This dog is one very intelligent breed and needs to be trained well for it to grow up well-behaved.

The Jack Russell puppy is also very energetic and playful hence you need to be very keen when dealing with one because it can be very naughty.

You need to take your Jack Russell puppy through thorough obedience training and always be clear on the instructions you give him.

When you do not manage a Jack Russell puppy well, he can turn out to be quite problematic and unruly. This is something that most dog owners overlook because they hardly expect such a small dog to be quite hard to manage without proper training.

In this video, you will discover a few training tips to help you learn how to train a Jack Russell puppy.

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32 thoughts on “How to Train a Jack Russell puppy? Complete Step by Step Guide”

  1. Sorry folks you can't train a jack Russell.they are working dogs that are bred to hunt and kill. same way as hounds.they are loyal and intelligent at getting their own way due to their size. they will be happy to be part of a family. one thing they do like is extra walks and exploring.

  2. I lost my Jack Russell to cancer in 2015 he was 15yrs old, I miss him so bad, he was my best friend for sure. I can't even talk or think about him without tears. I posted a pretty funny video of him if you wanna check it out and your welcome to use it if you like.

  3. Dogs pick up our energy. We pass it onto them. I have big and small. Now adopting A Jackie too. Will be integrated with Pitt, Kelpy and Lab. I believe that love and discipline combined with leadership are our only tools.

  4. This video helped me so much! I’m moving to a pet approved apartment and me and my mom is working on getting a Jack Russell!

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