Rat Terrier vs Jack Russell Terrier – Which is Better? Dog vs. Dog

Between the Rat Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier (Parson Russell Terrier) who wins this Terrier Tussle? Find out in Dog vs. Dog Terriers.

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37 thoughts on “Rat Terrier vs Jack Russell Terrier – Which is Better? Dog vs. Dog”

  1. Which do you love? The Jack Russell Terrier or the Rat Terrier?

    BTW: It's getting pretty hard to get that "First" comment. Gonna have to click that notification icon to get that. ????

  2. We happened upon a senior rescue rat terrier who is amazing. She suffers from eye issues and hip displacement. She is a very vocal mumbler but she loves to snuggle and is absolutely amazing. I’m now team rattle!

  3. I had a Jack russel mix breed once, he was a good hunter and fearless. An Alsatian dog tried to take a rabbit from him once but he held on and litterally ripped the rabbit in two.

  4. I have a rough coated JRT and love her to death… She is friendly to all people and other dogs and is very loving to me and my wife. I have an acre of land in Southern California and have multiple citrus trees which attract field rats. Every time I see a field rat with its neck broken, I know that Sasha, my JRT, has been at work… Since she has an acre of fenced property to run and hunt on, she is very calm in the house…

  5. my jack Russell just past on nov 10 he was my service dog and he lived 22 yrs so yea they can have a long life he was good around every one more so with kids but not so much with other dogs I truly believe he thought that other dogs was not in my best interest he was amazing none the less will miss him with more love then ever before

  6. If you have lots of time to train/exercise the JRT, they're a lot of fun, but if they get bored, they can become Jack Russell Terrorists and take your house apart. They are extremely clever and super affectionate. I've never had experience with a Rat Terrier, but I'd say it depends on the energy level you want.

  7. I have a jack rat 6 months old had him from 2 months old. He is a big baby. Needs lots of attention. Loves to play and run. Super super cute. I adore him. My baby . He so cute and has an enormous appetite. Easily distracted and hard to train.

  8. We're on our second JRT. They are the sweetest little dogs and are way too smart. When Roxy (our first) was being paper trained every time she pooped on the paper she got a big 'Good Girl' and a lot of praise, so every time she went on the paper she would come and tug on our pants leg to show us what a good girl she was. One day my wife was home from work and this 10 week old pup came and tugged on my wife's pant leg. She gave Roxy love, told her what a good girl she was and flushed the prize down the toilet. Fifteen minutes later, Roxy was back tugging on her pant's leg. Sure enough, there was another land mine on the paper. Wife picked it up, gave Roxy her love and praise and flushed. Ten minutes later, she's back tugging! My wife's thinking maybe we should feed her less, but here it was and Roxy got her love and praise. Unbelievably, 15 minutes later she's back tugging. Now worried about our puppy, she picked up the poop, gave Roxy her dues and walked to the toilet, as she walked she looked at the offending object, looking for worms and realized that the bottom of the poop had cat litter stuck to it. She at that moment realized we were in trouble. At ten weeks that puppy was already scamming us! Before Roxy passed she thought she could talk, she could count to ten, all her toys had names and she would get each one you asked for. The day we had to have her put down, the vet told us she was one day short of 19 years. I miss that old dog so much. Never loved a dog that much before.

  9. I’ve just got a Plummer terrier ????????????and he’s an amazing dog of the lead at 3 months old normally not far from me feet .. grate with children and other dogs ???? ???????????? ❤️

  10. Jack Russell has too much nervous energy. They are always high strung with no off switch. The Rat Terrier has an off switch. They are perfectly happy playing for hours or being lazy on the couch.

  11. JRT's are the BEST dogs around babies and kids. They are friendly, loving, safe, inquisitive and needy. Yeah, they are needy. They crave snuggles and hugs and looove to be tucked in so they can sleep, all warm and protected. Any sign of an unwelcome visitor though, they are courageous and growly, chasing most intruding species away… before coming in and wanting to be snuggled, scratched and tucked again…. If you have excess love to give, you could do worse than giving it to a Jack Russell terrier. You'll get it back in spades… just do it..

  12. I had both in my life. At my parents house. There was a Jack. And his name is Jack. And now while living my brother and sister in law. We have a rattie name Lady. I like them both. But the Jack my dad have put him down due health reason.

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