8 Things Jack Russell Terriers Love

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Jack Russell Terriers are certainly unique dogs and have their likes and dislikes. In this video, I break down what my Jack Russell Terrier (Luna) loves the most. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for supporting the channel.

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21 thoughts on “8 Things Jack Russell Terriers Love”

  1. This are all true. That's why I love JRTs. They are highly intelligent dogs. The chewing was just a phase with them they no longer chew stuff in the house. I love how they sprint SO fast. I just love them. More videos please.

  2. We have had a short-haired Jack Russel and a wire-haired Jack Russel. Our girl Jack looooved bath time. We have an outside utility sink where we bath the dogs. It has a wide brim. My husband would bath our Irisih Terrier first. When she heard the water running into the sink and saw us get the towels and dog shampoo ready she would be out like a shot and jump onto the brim and want to get in. It was so cute. Makes me miss her. She died of old age. Was deaf at that point too. We got our wire-haired JR as a buddy for her when our Irish Terrier passed on. He was an absolute card. Super hyper-active. Followed me everyone. Even to the bathroom where he would sit at my feet. He did a lot of jumping. Over the barn style back door too. Later when he couldn't jump onto it and over he would leap and look over until you let him in. He was crazy for shadow movements on the ground. He would pounce on the shadows made from the washing on on the line. He would bounce pounce until he was dog tired. If a bird flew over he would run for that shadow too. If the kids leapt into the pool he would too. It was almost involuntary. He didn't particularly like being in the water. But if you picked him up and walked in the shallow end with him he would be quite content. He made us laugh so much. I think to-date he was the dog that gave us the most joy even though we dearly loved our other dogs too. We finally put him down at 15 years. He was totally deaf and had cataracts. When his buddy JR passed on we got a Daschund cross as a companion for him. She too is now 15 years old.mostyly deaf and has cataracts. At our age now we have been thinking that we don't want pets anymore. But just a few days ago my husband said that he wants us to get another Jack Russel. So who knows.

  3. Got a JRT that hates water. Will walk around every puddle. First bath he had he literally yowled when the shower hit him. When it started getting really rainy recently I noticed he was a lot easier on the leash, then I realised he had tucked himself behind my leg, mirroring my steps, so he was using my like a big rain shield.

  4. We adopted our 2 year old Skipper Bear back in July! He is a doll!! He likes bath time but not trimming of nails or hair! Also, when the grandsons are over and we play rough if Skipper thinks we are hurting them he will attack us to get us away from them. Now when I say attack, he doesn’t hurt us but it is obvious he is upset.

  5. Hi I just got a jack russell terrier mix named ruby! Everything you explained she does. I was wondering how to teach them to walk outside on her own. Mine dosnt seem to like walk out on her own

  6. You are right on with all these points. These dogs are the most awesome dog breed on this planet. I would never have any other breed of dog in my household!

  7. How old is Luna? Mine is 1 year and 3 months and he is still a monster ???? he is getting better at not destroying furniture, walls, everything as often as he used to ???? he goes out at least 3 hours a day, he has a dog walker for that and I take him 30 extra minutes. He has a FitBark so i make sure he is getting as much exercise as possible ???? still he comes back from each walk and runs like crazy inside the apartment for about 15 minutes before he lays down and while he does it he has a toy inside his mouth that he constantly drops ????

  8. Hey man thank you so much for the content. I absolutely love JRT's. I've trained them in the past to hunt squirrels. I live in the south and small game hurting is ideal here. Part of lifestyle!
    Q: does your jack shed alot?
    I'm going to get one in the next month or so and start hunting again. Thank you sir.

  9. Just love my Jack Russell / mini foxie "Milo". Took some training from 8 weeks to 6 months but totally worth every moment. He has done and dies all the things you mentioned. Wouldn't change him for the world. Iam 75 and needed the companionship. He gives back 100%

  10. Hey Josh, We recently got a JRT puppy. We've had her for 3 weeks now. Was just wondering what you do with Luna for exercise on a daily basis and how long? thanks!! I know that mines still a puppy but I'm just preparing when she gets older too.

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