"Stanley" The Jack Russell Terrier- HOME ALONE

Ever wonder what your dog does when he/she is left home alone? Me too. While Stanley, the Jack Russell Terrier, was home alone for a few hours I decided to keep him under surveillance. Does he have separation anxiety? Is he channeling demons? You decide.

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36 thoughts on “"Stanley" The Jack Russell Terrier- HOME ALONE”

  1. Mine sings quite well, he could start a band! His buddy is 120lb akita who's old enough to be his grandpa and I STILL can't leave them alone together ! The little one knows the big one can go through walls, interior doors, RV exterior door, multiple windows, and one camper shell tail gate hatch….shattered it ???? FINALLY separated them or just take them everywhere with me only choices!! They are good babies ????

  2. I HAVE A SWEET SWEET JACK RUSSELL. …HIS NAME IS GUESS AND IS ALL MY LOVE EVERY DAYS AND NIGHT! ! ! ! AND. …MY LIFE! !!????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤????????????✌???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ESTHER FROM FLORENCE ITALY ????????????????

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  4. Before I retired, I worked across the road from a KFC and would hear little dogs in cars dying of grief when their lords and masters had abandoned them FOREVER! while they were inside, eating their yummy crap food. Sometimes I felt like going over to the car park, tapping on the car window and saying, "Oi! Your ancestor was a wolf. Act like it."

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