Owning a Jack russell terrier (what it's really like)

just trying to shed some light on what life is like owning a jack russell terrier. my dogs name is Jake and hes the best dog ever. so glad i got him. if your living arrangements allow for a dog, and you’re wanting a jack russell then i would say go for it.. just remember it’s a lot of work, especially at first. also you will need to think about how much time you have available for the animal. they need at least one hour of exercise per day. so before getting a dog please be sure you’re up for the challenge…..

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  1. My baby jack russel wont walk, that happened to somebody before? Bcs he WANTS the walks but then he stops like every 5 seconds. Is this normal? What should I do?

  2. I miss my Jasse who lived 16 years. She was the best dog. She was hyper active until 14 years or so. I wish I have another Jasse again, and hopefully handsome guy like you!!

  3. Im on my second Jack. Both shelter dogs. Amazing animals. They have made my life far better. They changed my priorities. I never recommend them to others. Most dog owners I see around my home spend very little time outdoors with their dogs. In fact they spend very little time outdoors period. This leads me to believe that in general most people who have dogs shouldnt own a dog of any kind. Its not a Gerbil. If they had a Jack it would be broken, unmanageable, and would just end up in a shelter.

  4. We have a JRT, and a new granddaughter. A lady came to visit and see the new baby. Suzy gruffed up and growled a little. All of the time, she was looking up to me, asking if she could bite that woman just a little bit. Yes, she is protective of Brinley.

  5. I have had two JRTs in my life. The first one was a nightmare. He wasn’t socialized as a puppy and never really fully recovered from that. We only had him for a short time before he moved on to another family member who was better equipped to deal with his needs, as we already had two other dogs. I swore I would never have another one but fate dropped another one into my world. She is well socialized and she is a dog that loves to please, is very happy, and is a fast learner. She is extremely loving and, without much work, she has become a pleasure to have around. These are not the sort of dog that is ok with being left alone for extended periods of time. They get lonely and bored quickly and make mischief to entertain themselves. We are in a position now whereas our dog really never spends much time alone, which helps. They also have issues with submissive urination, so if you yell at them or scold them too firmly, that little head will drop and the yellow puddle comes out! They do this to tell you that they “respect you as lead dog”. Our dog had issues early on with being overwhelmed if you stood over her then bent down to pet her. We fixed it by sitting and letting her come to us for attention. If you start early, stay patient and focused with training, they can be loving, playful, comical, and fun little dogs in short order. Yes, ours can go from hyper bark machine to a sleeping bed bug in seconds! With behaviors in check and expectation managed, they are great dogs. You can buy them from a breeder, but there are tons of them around for adoption much cheaper or for free, because owners either don’t want to train them, don’t have the time, or just get overwhelmed by them and give them away. Like all dogs, you need to research them and make sure your lifestyle fits owing one so that you and your dog don’t disappoint each other!

  6. I swear mine is the size of the chihuahua with the personality of a Labrador lol. One thing I wouldn’t agree with is crate training them as punishment as I’d recommend having positive mentality towards the crate, you want them to sleep and feel safe in it, just my personal opinion, great video!

  7. If you are fat and lazy do not get a Jack Russell. They are super hyper. They like long walks playing for hours with other dogs playing fetch and so on. They are an amazing little dog. You will also have no problems with rodents either!

  8. 3 Jack Russels owner tip, don't even think about getting a jack if you're not capable of going a 2 hour walk (if u do take them out daily, they're so smart and loyal the only word they need to understand is NO and they'll compensate it back ????
    (They literally know exactly what to do, its crazy beautiful)

  9. We adopted ours, she's nuts. She is definitely mostly Jack Russell, but… her big wide ears and short legs show that she may be part chihuahua? We think not.. maybe part Rat Terrier and then some. Anyway, yea we call her cray-cray. And then yeah, she's relaxed and chill. When we first got her, my first training with her when walking was to calm her down. Dog will not go to the bathroom outside without feeling okay with doing that. Thank you for your video, it was spot on!

  10. Hi! My family is thinking of getting a JRT puppy. I don't live in a good neighbourhood to give it long daily walks (can be done on weekends when I have time to drive to the nearest dog walk friendly place like 45 mins away), but I do live in a 4 storey building that the dog could access the entire day. Do you think that would be enough for weekdays?

  11. I miss my little Jack! So smart, loyal and loving. I gave her Bravecto and it damaged her so badly I had to put her down. Vets lie then deny. I went online and discovered thousands of people all over the world had similar experiences with pesticide flea treatments.

  12. I have a 7 year old JRT/Pomeranian mix (yes she is VERY sassy). She is surprisingly low energy but she has an attitude of a queen. But she has a Saint Bernard to also keep her busy and socialized. Not surprisingly because Saints are gentle giants, she runs the household. She has to be Micromanager, if we do projects like remodeling or gardening, she HAS to be there to monitor. When I'm on meetings and calls (I work from home due to the pandemic), she has to butt in and make everyone know she's also on. When it's bed time she slowly tries to kick me off the bed. She's the pickiest eater I've ever had of any dog, and she will NOT drink water out of the sink, it HAS to be from the fridge.
    But she is still my baby girl. She is my ESA, and when I reach my depressive times, she will come and cuddle with me, she will stay with me. When I have panic attacks or if I get upset, she climbs over my chest to calm me down.
    I cannot imagine life without her. ZuZu is my baby girl and always will be.

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