Jack Russell Terrier vs. Snake

I’m sorry “Jpngrish”
To the people that this looked like a venomous snake…
It might be difficult to distinguish with the video only.
However, this is just a Rat snake.

R A T S N A K E!!

Of course there is no poison.

I had known this thing since before.
I have encountered the snake many times.
I can instantaneously distinguish whether this snake has the poison or doesn’t have it.
In addition, Poisonous snakes does not live in my region.

Momo lives with me in the city. Therefore I can take a walk only on street.
They cannot run freely,It is forecast that this becomes the stress of Momo.

ジャックラッセルテリア JR is not a dog only named Kawaii(Cute).
Their ancestors are hunting dogs. Of course anyone still has the instinct.
It is their work to hunt and to drive in small animals.

I want to let dogs instinctively act when going out of town and taking it to forest and fields… and the river.

If anything, That snake is more poor than Momo.

ஜேக் ரசல் டெரியர் जैक रसेल टेरियर ジャックラッセルテリア jack russell terrier แจ็ครัสเซล jackrussell  джек рассел Джек Рассел Терьер 杰克罗素梗 傑克羅素 Τζακ Ράσελ Τεριέ ג’ק ראסל טרייר แจ็ครัสเซลล์เทอร์เรีย جاك راسيل جحر

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  1. I live in Arkansas have plenty of snakes. My little Jack has killed so many snakes, yes many have been just been garden snakes but there have been many Copper heads and a few others. Trust me its scary the amount of snakes i get in my yard. But my little girl does not let them around the house. And here is the scary part. I live in town . not in the forest.

  2. they sure are the best breed, aren't they? my jack is only three months old now. i uploaded a video compilation of him as a pup. i'm curious at all the moments still to come

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