Jack Russell Terrier – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

TOP 10 interesting facts about the Jack Russell Terrier, an active, happy and bright dog breed.
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Short Jack Russell Terrier description:
The Jack Russell Terrier is a muscular and compact dog with size between 10-15 inch which is 25-38 cm and 14 – 18 pounds which is 6 – 8 kg. their smart movement matches their keen expression.

JRT is a very intelligent breed with strong desire to explore everything. Thanks to their intelligence they are capable of learning a lot of different tricks, but it might be little bit challenging to keep them motivated and stimulated.

Jack Russell Terrier facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:19 John Russell
0:37 Energy
0:59 Three coats
1:18 Intelligence
1:33 Jumpers
1:45 Digging
2:05 Size
2:22 Sun Burn
2:36 Shedding
2:54 Working dogs

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19 thoughts on “Jack Russell Terrier – TOP 10 Interesting Facts”

  1. I really LOVE this breed! I recently came in contact with this type of (wonderful) dog through a family member in a quarantine situation, & I fell in live with his sweet loyal nature and remarkable intelligence!

  2. I got my JRT from my local shelter. He was about 6 years old when I got him and let me tell you, he is the best dog ever. I think he's thankful that he has a home now because he's very obedient even though he didn't know basic commands in the beginning. He still has a lot of energy which is perfect for my house and family. Hes friendly with EVERYONE and gentle with children. Smart as hell too, sleep/ restroom trained him within the week. Wouldn't trade him for anything, idk if I got lucky or what but he's the best.

  3. They are the naughtiest, rambunctious and craziest breed – and I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVED my Jack Russell Terrorist. She has gone to heaven now, bugging everyone there I'm sure ????????????
    After several years I am now thinking about adopting another. Our last one, Ryley – was a rescue.

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