AMAZINGLY FUNNY Boston Terrier Dog Breed Compilation!

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In this video, you are going to see dozens of Boston Terrier puppies and adults doing what they do best, pleasing their humans. Thank you to everyone who shared a video of their funny and cute Boston Terrier. I know these cute & funny dog videos will bring a smile to anyone face who watches these clips.

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29 thoughts on “AMAZINGLY FUNNY Boston Terrier Dog Breed Compilation!”

  1. I have a half Boston Terrier and half Daschund named Bentley. He has the personality of a Boston. When people meet him the first time they think he's a pit & boxer mix. He's solid black with a white chest. He's beautiful and I love his personality.

  2. LMAO, all of these except for the digging and the water ones (weirdly enough, my Boston, Dolly…she likes it when you take the hose and turn it on like you're gonna put it in the pool but instead she likes for me to make shapes w/ the hose water right by the pool or have it like zig zagging as it goes into the pool so that she can jump up towards where the water comes out of the hose, bite the water, try to play fight w/ the water as if she could somehow beat it…all while getting soaking wet, and yet she hates having to actually get in the pool or any body of water for that matter, unless it's bath time & even then she only puts up w/ it bcz she knows that at the end my fiancé will wrap her up in a towel like a little burrito which she loves) remind me exactly of my Dolly. She is currently snoring quite loudly next to me in her "bed bed" (a dog bed that my fiancé bought her to lay in on top of our bed). She is 8 1/2 so she doesn't tear stuff up anymore when she's been left alone, but until I moved into my house I own now to where she has a dog door that lets her out to the pool cage & another one from the screen door of the pool cage to the back yard, if I left her alone for more than 3 hours (no idea why but that was her time limit marker) then I would come home to all of the available paper products shredded so she'd obviously do it to tissues, paper towels, occasionally actual papers like she really did eat one of my university papers once & I had to reprint it lmao, and her favorite—shredding old pizza boxes into pinky sized pieces. Such an amazing breed, you will always have someone by your side to provide you with a laugh when you're feeling down if you have a Boston, that's forsure. I have been thinking about getting another one but at her age idk if she'd love it or love it for a day and then be over it…she loves other dogs & welcomes our friends who bring their dogs inside our house to play & loves meeting dogs out in public, but is strangely protective over just our front yard….like the only time I hear her bark is if someone approaches the front yard without her apparent approval. My mom has a mutt who is a little bit bigger than Dolly (25 lbs but tall by boston standards) and she LOVES going over there for playtime but at the same time now that she's older, i've noticed after enough time has gone by she will get kind of mildly annoyed w/ Jimbo my moms 2 1/2 yr old mutt still trying to play, also doesn't like us to be petting him for too long unless she is also involved, and then passes straight out when we get home. Idk, my fiancé wants a dog that she can train up bcz she's convinced Dolly does certain things bcz she takes after me as her mom lol and I also like the idea of Dolly never being lonely but am concerned I might have waited too long and should just let her live out her glory days as queen of the castle.

  3. The Boston Terrorist is a true lover of zoomies , being so cute and big sloppy kisses. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. A very enjoyable view of everyday BT life which we can identify the various behaviours in the BT community. Thank you for sharing. Your friends in ????????????

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