ONE DAY in the life of PUPPIES. Funny Jack Russell Terrier Puppies 5 weeks

ONE DAY in the life of PUPPIES. Funny Jack Russell Terrier Puppies 5 weeks. How does a puppy spend a day? / one day puppies / one day puppy. Subscribe to the channel “Hilda”:
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Video Jack Russell Terrier puppies eating:


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  1. What toys do your dogs play with? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Если бы у меня был такой щеночек я бы его тискала гладила играла бы с ним и никакого воспитания я бы ему не дала а он когда вырос сел бы мне на голову Поэтому я отказалась от затеи купить такую игрушку хотя они мне очень нравятся

  3. I have a Jack Russell and she is the best thing ever, she is fifteen years old and is still as daft as a brush, and I adore her she is snuggled up beside me in bed snoring happily ❤ would not change her for anything in this world

  4. I remember Simon at 5 weeks old, he was so cute, looked like a toy. Four months later he turned into a demon. We remember the breeder asking if we wanted to pick a different puppy, we had no clue why… Guess what, it's been 7 years and we still love him though we have to muzzle him before we give him a bath. Our neighbour called him Simon the Tiger, very loyal and protective, never leaves my side. He is still as cute as the devil)))

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  6. I'm about to explode







  7. They are so adorable ❤️???? I would have rather heard the cute noises the puppies made than music. Baby Russels make the sweetest sounds when they play!????????

  8. aw! they are so adorable ! this video made me cry ! I remember my Minnie had her babies that was one of the most precious moment !

  9. I love dogs. I got a great Dane puppy a week before….but Of all the breeds JRT is my fav❤️. Was planning to get a JRT But dunno whether it would survive in Indian climate so I forgot that idea. These furries are really cuteeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Do you like Hilda very much???
    P.S: a new subscriber for you????

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