10 Things Boston Terriers ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!

Are you wanting to know what Boston Terriers LOVE? In this video, I cover the TOP 10 Things Boston Terriers LOVE!!!

This video comes from a post I had done on the Boston Terrier Society Facebook page. I asked the community of 14,000+, What Does Your Boston Terrier Love? These are the top 10 responses I received from the post as well as my input and personal experience with Bella, my Boston Terrier of a decade.

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33 thoughts on “10 Things Boston Terriers ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!”

  1. I agree with your 10 things Boston's love, except for the sticks. My Boston does not care for sticks. She makes up for it with the tennis balls. My wife loves playing ball with her. We also have a larger mixed breed that takes care of the out field. He retrieves it, but gladly gives it up to her when he returns to the infield. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your show, but I think licking should be about number four. My Boston has to give me a good face licking everyday! I enjoy your video! Well done!

  2. Bostons love blankets. Mine will snuggle under any and every blanket we leave out. If we don't want dog hair on it, it has to be folded up and put away, otherwise it's hers.

  3. If there is one thing my Boston loves more than anything it's to have her entire pack (my wife, my daughter and I) sitting in the same room watching TV or relaxing. The blissful serenity on her face says it all. All is right in her world when her pack is close by and she can be part of all of us at once! Truly amazing breed and the only breed I'll ever have.

  4. My guy lives for toy play ! He has a bin full of them if any other pet we have grabs a toy as I recently got a kitten he loves Ricky’s
    toys. Ricky will fetch these toys when he isn’t looking retrieves them mostly his favorite ones then hides them under him in his bed .. he is very smart dog
    I heard from his human dad that the previous owners stated he was retarded .? I found that there is nothing in Ricky that has stupid nor retarded in him …
    His favorite thing to do is playing throw fetch with his toys with anyone who
    would play with him .!

  5. My Boston loves laying in the sun, snuggling at any possible time. Romping and barking with our lab (she thinks she’s Superman when playing with our other dog, luckily he lets her win)

  6. I just adopted an 8 week old Boston pup and I couldn’t be anymore happier! Best cuddler by far!!! His name is Noodle and he absolutely loves sticks and sun bathing! Anytime I take him out he fires straight for his stick and lays it in the sign while he chews on it ❤️.

  7. My boston when meeting other dog loves to cheek press. When he meets other bostons they seem to understand the custom and they hold their cheeks together for a few seconds. Its kind of like time stands still. A kind of kiss or hug.

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