Jack russell terrier(WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW)

just speaking my mind to hopefully inform you if you are thinking about getting a jrt. thanks for watching. ill have more videos about this in the feature. stay tuned. ps ill be working on making the videos better.

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  1. I've got a female Jack Russell her is Millie, she super provocative of me. Also she lives with my parents house Millie is super provocative of ther house she grew up at my parents house since she was a puppy

  2. My Jacks have trained me as much as I them. They shredded my priority list and I can never thank them enough. HOWEVER they are not for most people, even most dog lovers. They are a lifestyle.

  3. Anyone who considers getting a jack Russell should be forewarned. These are not meant for apartments. They need a lot of room to run. Being couped up in an apartment will lead to destruction due to boredom.
    They are extremely energetic.

  4. I’m on my 3rd JR and I’ve never had this problem with any other dog and I’ve had dogs all my life. He doesn’t seem to want or need petting or affection. Very independent. The only thing that makes him happy is if you throw the ball for him to chase. All. Day. Long. Sometimes he’ll run by and lick you on the leg but that’s the only sign of affection. He is really scared of being grabbed and held. I’ve had him since he was 7 weeks old so I know he wasn’t abused or traumatized. Its disappointing because I want a dog who will spend a little bit of time with me. It’s a good thing he is so cute.

  5. You don’t own a jack Russell, the jack Russell owns you. If your lazy and stupid don’t get one. These dogs are hyper and super smart. If you do not walk them 3/5 miles a day they will destroy your house. In my humble opinion they are the best dogs around. Loyal, courageous to the point of lunacy. I love my jack.

  6. Jack Russell's are high maintenance. Like you say, you need to change your ways for the dog because they don't fit in as they are. A Jack Russell would be the very last dog I would choose. A pittbull or staffie type is a much better family dog that lives with you, not you with them.

  7. I love my JRT. He is so smart and funny. He is very reactive to everything. Taking him on walks is really embarrassing. He sounds like he's going to kill anyone who comes near him. I'm really trying to work with him. He is a year and a half. I've had him since he was 8wks old. Any advice. Other than that he is awesome.

  8. Hello again! I'm looking into getting a JRT puppy. I have two senior small breed dogs (10 and 12 years old). Would you say a JRT is a hyperactive-social type or hyperactive-dominant/aggressive type? Do you think they're the type that can learn to be gentle when interacting with other pets?

  9. I was owned by a Jack Russell for more than 15 years. These little 16 lb dogs look in a mirror and imagine seeing a Rottweiler staring back. Fearless and extremely athletic, you have to be willing to commit to walking them every day to burn off energy or they will find ways to entertain themselves (and you don't want them to do that). They have the same bite pressure as a Doberman but these little guys were bred to go-to-ground and hunt prey, not be a lap dog.

  10. I love my Jack Russell. We really can't take him on any walks coz he's too hypo. We keep him in our backyard and we play with him and he runs around. He's quite happy with that.

  11. Our JRC lived to 15! She was adorable, loving and often infuriating. We lived in Alaska and she would not back down from moose we met on trails; she thought she was the biggest, baddest beast in the world, but she was a runt at 10lbs. She was vindictive. My husband worked north in the oil fields and she would get angry at me when he left in his 3 month jobs. But I would have another one in a minute. She died the day Trump was elected, so it was a very bad day overall.

  12. They are great little dogs. So much personality and so smart. Mine is 17 years old and I still have to walk her about 3 miles every day or she drives me crazy. She's my buddy.

  13. "I had to change my lifestyle with this dog, for the best"
    "this dog changed my life in a very good way"
    "so it impacted my life in a very positive way"
    in a row. was it ok to get this dog?

  14. Did you use an E collar for the training? My dog has been getting a lot better but still pulls when I have the harness on vs a regular collar and he’s constantly barking and wanting to pull when he sees people

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