Is There Anything a Jack Russell Terrier Can't Do?

The Jack Russell is a happy, bold, energetic dog; they are extremely loyal, intelligent and assertive. A Jack Russell can be equally contented bolting a fox or chasing a toy in your living room, or equally adept at killing a sock in the living room or a rat in your barn. Video by Kevin/Petra Vesilik; Music by Brendon Wood

26 thoughts on “Is There Anything a Jack Russell Terrier Can't Do?”

  1. The most remarkable, loyal, intelligent dog you could ever own.
    I grew up with one. And I got a new JR pup last year.
    He's my best friend, he lifts me when I don't feel good.
    He knows my mood, my form etc.
    He's the funniest little man you could ever imagine.
    I love him to bits and I'm fairly sure he loves me too.
    I can't bear to think of life without him.

  2. I have had 2 jrt in my life and the current one just turned 13 yr old.. I started to give her cosequin and she is almost as agile and feisty as she was as a pup. She is so smart too . I just love the breed. Your story was great it gave me a happy feeling .. thanks for sharing ????

  3. I have a Jack Russell Terrier "Honey". They are not Dogs, they are a Derson. They are like living with a little thunder storm that loves you with every second of their life.

    And by the way, they are the "Jack Russell Terrier." The AKC can —- off.

  4. Miss my little Jack. She was amazing, smart, loving and loyal! We went everywhere together. Bravecto damaged her so badly I had to put a healthy dog down at 14. She could still jump and run. Everyday 3 long walks. Evening off leash good run with a bicycle light attached to her collar.

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