Jack Russell Terrier – Top 10 Facts (The Hollywood Dog)

Developed in England some 300 years ago to hunt foxes, the Jack Russell Terrier, also known as the Parson Russell Terrier, is a lively, independent, and clever little dog. He’s charming and affectionate, but he’s also a handful to train and manage.

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In this video, we have listed down the top 10 interesting facts about the Jack Russell Terrier that you might now have known.

A Quick Overview:
[Group: Terrier Dogs]
Weight: 13 to 17 pounds
Height: 10 inches to 1 foot (3 inches tall at the shoulder)
Life Span: 10 to 15 years

The energetic and spirited Jack packs a lot of personality into his small body. Loving, devoted, and endlessly amusing, he enjoys life, and all it has to offer. Given half a chance, he’ll pursue his delights over fences and through the streets. He’s incredibly intelligent, but his willful nature can make him difficult to train. Friendly toward people, he can be aggressive toward other dogs and any animal that resembles prey, including cats. His fearless nature puts him at risk when he decides to take on a bigger dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier, like many terriers, enjoys digging and can make quite a large hole in a short time. It’ easier to train a dog to dig in a specific area than it is to break him of a digging habit.

One thing that you should absolutely know about Jack Russell terriers before you become a proud owner of one yourself is that they shed a lot, and by lot we mean A LOT. Don’t worry that is normal – they need to shed in order to maintain a healthy coat.

Be prepared to groom and brush them regularly – although how often and what manner of tools would be best for the job depends on the type of fur your Jack Russell has. Now, we know keeping your JRT happy and healthy could be a big darn challenge at times, so if you wanna learn more about grooming your Jack Russell, here’s a fun and friendly book that works as perfect as a guide and gives you expert advice on the Jack Russell temperament, whether this energetic breed fits your lifestyle, how to train your dog to be a well-mannered companion, and much more.

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23 thoughts on “Jack Russell Terrier – Top 10 Facts (The Hollywood Dog)”

  1. They are so smart charming and definitely affectionate! They are super energetic they will do so many silly funny things to lift your spirits when you’re down! They are so loyal and protective! My little one saved me from someone breaking into my apartment! He was so tough for such a small guy! I wish more ppl knew what a lovely breed they are; I miss mine so much! ❤️❤️????????

  2. Where on earth did you get those specimens. I have had plenty and all looked better than those. Their ears should be tipped , tails cropped, smaller chests so they can go under ground. They are able to read their owners minds and most lovable of the terriers..so so smart.only the short coated shed. But not the broken coated which I currently have…no shedding. Best dogs ever.

  3. I had 2 jrts, bear was a rescue from a farm I rode at and tripod was rescued from a puppy mill as puppy. (May they both RIP) but the odd thing I found with both of them is that if someone was around them 24/7 or they had at least each other to be with they where happy to just loaf around the house and do nothing all day. It was odd because where we got bear from he was quite active all day and night. But when I took him home he was content to lay on my bed for 3 days straight only getting up to go outside. They can be very calm dogs if you know how to accommodate that type of lifestyle for them

  4. I've own jack Russells for the last 20 years. Harley lived to be 16 coco lived to be 19 and Brady lived to be 20 . All these facts are true. I love Jack Russells. We just acquired 2 puppies at thanksgiving. I love the energy they have. What I've learned is if you get a Jack Russell get 2 or more.

  5. Lived with a Parson's JR – She was, out of the many canines I've lived with – the most intelligent / so quick to learn . . . and 'loved, learning! She 'got along' with other dogs in
    'my pack' – and felines as well ~ as long as she was considered the leader of the pack! 🙂

  6. First there was Buck…because some kids came around with a box and I bought her for a dollar. 16+ years. Next, was Gypsy, because she was abandoned in a Bird Sanctuary and we rescued from the JRT rescue here, she lived 16 years.. Now, we have Dempsey…a Jack/Hound mix. We thought he was a regular size Jack from the pics…no his legs are about 22 inches long and he's all Jack attitude and runs like a racing hound. He was chained to a fence in Baltimore in the winter, severely underweight and dehydrated and finally removed. Took 6 months to make him our dog…now he is awesome, funny, brave, smart and cuddly. My favorite forever breed.

  7. My miniature JR never digs and tries to play with the wild rabbits out in the field but bites my teenage sons if they are fighting, and does the same with my horses

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