French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier – Which Breed Is Better?

Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog Which Is Better? Today we compare the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. Which dog breed do you prefer?


It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the adorable Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. They do look quite similar as you can see, but besides these cute upright ears and small nose, there are a lot of differences between the two breeds. Which breed is better for a family with kids and why is the French Bulldog so much more expensive than the Boston Terrier? Divided into 10 topics we teach you everything about these two breeds, so you can decide which one is better for you.

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43 thoughts on “French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier – Which Breed Is Better?”

  1. Nothing against the French Bulldog, they're cute and multilingual. It's simply a very high bar to top a Boston Terrier. I've been lucky enough to have the companionship of three of them and will never forget the memories.

  2. I had a mix of both named Tank. The entire half of town I live in knew him well. He was such a well behaved outgoing boy, almost everyone would stop us to say hi.

  3. Both are terrible and should be banned from breeding. They have terrible health issues and you are literally looking at dog struggling for living by being purposely inbreed for human amusement. The fact that you need to wipe French bulldog ass each time after it shits tells you all, they are made to be purposely retarded. Its a shame and animal cruelity.

  4. my family had a boston names lucy but she passed away last year and we got two new bostons and i would never have any other breed!

  5. I have had both Bostons and Frenchies. They are both wonderful, but I have had WAY more health issues with the Frenchies. Consistently. Bostons are higher energy than the FBs, so that should be considered. And, both are loving, humorous and wonderful companions. Biggest difference is the cost!

  6. Boston terriers are far superior, I own three of them and they match the description of Bostons In this video. (I will say though, the alpha of the three who is named Oreo has the build of a French bulldog and strikingly resembles one.)

  7. My 6 year old daughter loves all animals and she has a boxer brindle at the other house idk if I should get her a boston or a French please lmk, my daughter does has adhd and is very hyper but very lovable and loves animals so much she will cry when those sad dog commercials come on tv

  8. I have a frenchie and love him so much but would also love to get a BT. I will say people who commented saying this breed is better or that breed is cuter is because didn’t have experience being with the other breed.

  9. I have had a wide range of dogs in my life from Great Dane, Schnauzer, German Sheppard, Doberman. Labs and now a Boston Terrier. I will never own another dog breed other than a Boston. They are the best dog all round including being used as an ant-depressant.

  10. Health should be the number 1 concern and both are very unhealthy especially the french bulldog where 95% of them can’t properly breath it is a shame what we have done to this breed

  11. We first got a FB and later on decided that he needed a little brother so we got a BT. Both are very fond of each other and one thing I find is that our BT sometimes a bit stubborn when it comes to potty training but I guess hes only 6 months old.

  12. Got my first Boston 8 months ago, I will never own another breed. My parents are going to get one this coming spring, I'm excited to babysit.

  13. The win goes to the Boston Terrier I have two of them and they are everything you look for in a dog they love to cuddle,great family dog,really cute and they don’t bark often so they also make good guard dogs

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