21 thoughts on “Jack Russell puppy training 9 weeks”

  1. I had to put down my Jack Russell a few days ago. She was only 10. She lived through pancreatitis when she was 2, she lost an eye (glaucoma) when she was 9, and she ended up with chronic kidney disease and failure at the end. You would have never known by playing with her. Through all of Bella's ailments, she was a ball of energy and full of spunk until the end. Jack Russell's are awesome dogs. I've had two so far, plan on getting another Jack again one day. This puppy in the video looks a lot like my Bella. ❤ RIP Bella ????????

  2. gorgeous dog i have one buut she doesnt need to high five she needs her freedkm shes not a robot jack russels are working dogs realy make amazing pets n need lots exersize big hearts love to ne with u buut i find it bit demoralising 4 the pup dogs are dogs why does she need to high fucking five x

  3. i have a 9wk RatJack Terrier.. how do u get them to stop chewing on your hands and arms?..its none stop.i do have chew toys but he likes me better..

  4. Tip: its not good to train dog the stay command when you are teaching sit command, simply because when you tell dog to sit, the dog should do nothing else but sit, so the stay command becomes meaningless and just more confusing to the puppy.

  5. We have a10 week old and I'm losing my mind…only because I'm not used to having a baby. She's a doll. I'm curious are you going too dock her tail? We're not sure weather or not to do that.
    She had some other bred in her, but looks a lot like yours.

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