Are Jack Russell Terriers Affectionate? [Here's The Truth]

This video is going to break down everything you need to understand about Jack Russell Terriers and how affectionate they really are.

Not to mention, you will get some footage of my Jack Russell Terrier showing affection towards my 4-year-old son.

We discuss how to recognize when your Jack Russell Terrier is showing affection and what you need to be doing to help your Jack Russell become a more affectionate dog.

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10 thoughts on “Are Jack Russell Terriers Affectionate? [Here's The Truth]”

  1. My Jack Russell crys a lot when I'm gone… when I come home, I find one of my shoes that she brought to the front door… Any tips on how I can make sure she don't suffer any separation anxiety? I tried not playing with her as much but she always wants to stay near me… and she barks at other dogs that come near me lol….. She's a good girl, I just don't want her hurting herself.

  2. fantastic channel, glad i found it tonight, liked and subbed.
    here in Scotland the (and the UK as a whole) rescue centres tend to have lots of JRT's because people get Jacks without knowing much about them, the dogs end up too much for the person and given out to a rescue centre or worse abandoned on the street.
    im going to be getting another rescue in the new year after losing my wee friend recently, i will recommend this channel to my local rescue centre (Dogs Trust West Calder Scotland).

  3. You mentioned cats. We have a senior cat. Any tips on how to get my Jake Russell to not try to get at her.

    I can give him treats and do commands when the cat is on the bed. But if i dont have treats. He tries his hardest to get on the bed

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