22 thoughts on “Dogs 101 – Jack Russell”

  1. I used to watch this video with Jake, my little Jack Russell! He loved it – he passed away at the ripe old age of 17 years and 8 months last year. I miss him every day

  2. I used to be know as "The Guy that actually Runs with his Dog" at my old apartments…. My lil Oreo could pull too and if skipped my feet at the right cadence, then he could pull me like I was gliding on a sled.

  3. Fun Fact: when you mix a Jack Russell's bark in low frequency with a hissing from a mad Goose, add a bellow from a Walrus, plus a human growling and also an African Crane whooping with a teenage boy Dolphin clicking from underwater; You will hear the famous sound of the Velociraptor from the Jurassic Park/World movies! ????????

  4. the most loving and loyal dog. my zoe 100% jack if you have the time and stamina this little one will never disappoint you. completely loving and loyal willing to take on anything.

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