7 Reasons Not To Adopt A Jack Russell Terrier

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Hey everyone, in this video I am going to break down 7 reasons why you should not adopt a Jack Russell Terrier.

If you meet the criteria laid out for you in this video, perhaps it is best to consider a different dog instead of the Jack Russell Terrier.

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28 thoughts on “7 Reasons Not To Adopt A Jack Russell Terrier”

  1. Love, love LOVE this breed!!! They are calm and cuddly when you sit and ready to play anytime! I have had many Jack Russells and I love them all. i have found that the females tend to calm down better if you have them inside but of course it depends upon the dog and how you train and handle them. They thrive on your affection and your approval. So give them plenty of love. They also love to be trained and are easily trained for the most part as long as you are consistent and find something that gets their undivided attention during training. If they seem to have a difficult time calming down inside, give them a toy or rawhide to chew and it is like a pacifier for a child. Do not let them get away with bad behavior and praise them thoroughly for good behavior. I only use treats as a reward for a positive behavior such as going into their kennel without a problem. They were bred for a job so giving them something to do is always a plus. Good luck!!

  2. We are huge fans – had Buster for 15 years and 1 day. I’m now retired and can not wait to get another one. All your points are spot on of course, but we’ve been indoctrinated????????????. Btw Luna is adorable ❤️

  3. So I have a suspected JRT/Beagle mix (we found her on the side of the road so we really can't be sure). And I 100% agree with not getting this dog as a first time owner. My dog is an absolute HANDFUL and it was quite the challenge training her, but we wouldn't trade her for the world ♥️

  4. My 3 year old Jack Russell is so relaxed, not hyper at all. He has short medium hair and sheds so much, it’s unbelievable he still has hair. He definitely likes to protect us all, very loyal and he thinks he’s the size of a Great Dane.

  5. How can I teach my dog to be a Jack Russell? Shes a rescue from Mississippi. Shes a year and half old. She's a little skittish still. Had her for 9 months. She doesn't bark – ever, she wants to be alone on her bed in my bedroom all day, doesn't wag her tail, she doesn't play with toys, will chew bully sticks or toys, she hates riding in the car, when riding she pants constantly no matter the temperature, she won't cuddle or jump on my bed. I've owned dogs before her, know how to do basic training. The happiest I've seen her was when she got loose but stuck around, for 2 months, wouldn't come into the house. Came to eat on my porch. Had to use Missy type trap to catch her.. She spent time in field, across quiet street from my house, hunted moles and grasshoppers. She wagged her tail then.

  6. These dogs absolutely loath being left alone, especially for long periods of time. I would say that if your lifestyle has you out of the house for 10-15 hours a day, and your dog will be left at home, alone, during that time … this is not the dog for you. In addition to just getting bored, I think that many of these dogs have separation issues and they can absolutely destroy your house and possessions. Our Jack has destroyed her own crate (as in bent the bars and pulled away the welds) trying to get out of it and has learned how to unlatch her crate door and be free. If left outside in a fenced yard, they can dig out in just a few minutes and will be off looking for company or hunting for small critters. Fortunately, our lifestyle allows for someone to be home with our JRT nearly all the time and she typically goes with us when we run short errands (and someone stay with her in the car). She’s lucky and has a pampered life. During non Covid 19 times, if you happen to be in a position that your dog can accompany you at work, it is ideal and the interaction with other people helps to socialize and center your dog.

  7. I was worried at first when I got mine because the care of having to walk it a lot and having to get her haircut because she is a broken coat but the way she looked at me knowing that I was going to rescue her after she had been abused by her previous owners was the best look I never gotten and I knew right then that she was mine

  8. Hello, the question is , not if the Jack Russel is a good dog for you, the question is : Are you a good man for a Jack Russel ?! or you are a primitive man , good for nothing, smells like a used cigarette!!!

  9. Excellent dogs full of energy had mine to 16 yrs 4 months had her since 6 weeks old 2005 she passed away this Wednesday due to declining heath refusing to walk comes Jan 2021 her breathing gone loud lungs filled up with liquid and heart problems avoided eating food only drinking water sleeps all day….I knew it was time for her to go…..my heart is broken I was 17 years old when we first had her now age 33 seems like my best friend has gone from me….

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