Curtis Lepore's Boston Terrier Needs to Calm Down (Releasing Pent Up Energy)

All dogs need balance, and Curtis Lepore’s Boston Terrier, Watson, has too much pent-up energy. Today, I’m going to train Curtis to set Watson up for success when he’s meeting other dogs, animals, and people.


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31 thoughts on “Curtis Lepore's Boston Terrier Needs to Calm Down (Releasing Pent Up Energy)”

  1. For crying out loud, Cesar, you didn't make this dog do anything from the time you took his leash. You did a few minor corrections…but he never had to submit. I think you were smoking Mexican in this day. Nothing wrong with this cute little dog except he doesn't know his place in the pack. Correct me here if I'm wrong, that dog needs a job.

  2. Why the actual fuck would Cesar have this guy on his show. He assaulted Jessi Vasquez (Jessi Smiles) and pleaded guilty to felony assault.

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