29 thoughts on “Jack Russell Terrier vs Boxer”

  1. Jack's were bread for badger hunting here, ever see a a short snout big dog mess with a badger? You will need a shovel afterwards for big hole. What they lack in size, they make up in heart, speed, fury, and a wide opening long teeth mouth. That grabs, tips, tears, and pulls. Yea, the big dog can win, seeminly, but I've seen a jack tear the marbles off of a pit, fight over before it had a chance. Was a sad day too. Nice jack bro.

  2. Naughty, naughty Jack Russell. Naughty, yet oh so comical at the same time….. ????????????????????

    I own/breed here in the United States. If one of my dogs ran up, bit a non-confrontational dog on the cheek, and then continued to instigate in an aggressive manner, he'd be on the leash, removed from contact, and I'd be considering getting him set to get "The Big Snip" (neutered) to remove some of that testosterone. NO dog should ever bite without justification, and this little guy is guilty of just that.

    Now, for the positive….HIS OWNER DOES HAVE HIM TRAINED. This little guy did listen pretty darn well (until he hit that flipping point that some really game dogs have), he let go when ordered to and seemed to listen. He just wasn't refocused onto his handler strictly enough.

    I LOVE having a confident dog, and my Jackies make me laugh hourly. I'd just like anyone watching to be aware that these game and comic little dogs can make you cry as much as they can make you laugh IF you don't put time into training them. This owner has obviously put many hours, days, weeks and months into training his little pal. ???? Otherwise, this could have been a sad video.

  3. Собаки они, как дети игрушки не могут поделить. Прогулка прикольная. Тайсик красавчик.????????????????????????????????

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