Funny Boston Terrier Compilation 2020 | Best Dog Videos

Funny Boston Terrier Compilation 2020 | Best Dog Videos

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23 thoughts on “Funny Boston Terrier Compilation 2020 | Best Dog Videos”

  1. This video could have been done without the music. I enjoy hearing things organically as the video is being made with animals being funny and hearing the people interact with them. The music takes away the joy of the purpose of the videos in my opinion.

  2. I just absolutely love the breed.we have a Boston terrier chihuahua mix and a Boston terrier. Two of the greatest dogs we’ve ever had. We did have a Rat terrier mix but unfortunately he passed away in my arms.

  3. LOL the sleeping while snoring w/ the tongue out is SO accurate. In fact, my 8 1/2 yr old Boston, Dolly is currently sleeping & snoring while twitching her mouth right next to me as a watch this, laying in her "bed bed" which is exactly what it sounds like…a dog bed that my fiancé bought Dolly for Christmas, for her to have on top of our bed lmaoo. Also, it's been cold especially at night by FL standards, so I took this dog bed heater that I bought for her forever ago & have plugged it in & put it right underneath the "bed bed" & now my spoiled lil baby angel is snoring her head off. The bone eating & the dog who kept jumping the cans until they grew so tall that the dog simply knocked some cans down to get through, that completely reminded me of Dolly…always been such a little escape artist. When she was a pup, my mom & I had put up some of the usual like 3-4 ft high fencing in a circle to create a puppy pen for her to be in when I needed to focus on something else, but the things is within 20 mins maximum….here'd come Dolly. We couldn't figure out how she was escaping so one day we both hid to where we could see her but she couldn't see us & I kid you not…she was using her little body to like climb up the fence like some sort of ninja puppy & then when she would reach the top she would teter back & forth on the top until she could eventually just throw her body off onto the floor. She was all of 8lbs and 9 weeks old at the time so you had to see it to believe it. Ever since though she's been an escape artist, she can open regular handel doors to get out of certain rooms in my house if she wants to badly enough it just takes her a long time, and no matter how many times I have had my fence fixed, redone, gates changed out, etc. she ALWAYS finds a way to escape from the backyard which she can get to via dog door, into our unfenced front yard. It got to a point that we have to put her dog door cover on if we're both gone & worried like if there's a new dog in the little 4 house area she considers hers bcz whenever she gets out, she may wander a bit, but only inwards into the neighborhood, never towards the main road, and she won't ever go further than 4 houses down into the neighborhood which she for some reason feels the need to patrol. Though most of the time you'll just find her legs crossed, lounging in the front yard just looking all content like she's the neighborhood patrol/greeter.

  4. Such beautiful dogs!! And people who have lost their dogs always want another one, or two Bostons.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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