47 thoughts on “crazy JACK RUSSELL TERRIER Family ????”

  1. I had one ,after two. Take care with them. They are more intelligent than you. There is not a better systeme of alarm. They are more loyal than your wife. And intelligent to learn something every day.
    BUT, every day, you have to proove you'r the boss.
    But you have the danger to die by loughing every hour.

  2. Jack Russell terriers are hyper, noisy, killer dogs. Nasty agressors. Fox hunters by purpose. Keep your distance at all times. Especially with kids or cats. Better even: avoid altogether..

  3. I am sitting here, watching this video, with my best friend, Harry, sitting on my knee. All dogs are beautiful, but I reckon if God has a dog, it's a Jack Russell.

  4. Thank you for the vid. My beloved, smart, beautiful and loving Jill Russel is called Lex and she’s my best friend. She’s 7 and hope she lasts for a very long time. ❤️❤️❤️

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