22 thoughts on “Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog – Which is Better? Dog vs. Dog”

  1. My only question, which is better if you have a cat in your apartment? Being disabled, I'm trying to decide between the 2 to have an outdoor companion to take with me on my 4 wheel scooter when I go shopping, doing some outdoor photography, or just going for a cruise up town or by the lake. Currently it's just me & my spoiled 7yr old male cat. And why are Blue Frenchies so ungodly expensive! They are one of the most adorable puppies I have ever seen, but wow the price.

  2. I can’t say which I like better as I’ve got a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and a Frenchton… My Boston is definitely smarter than my Frenchy… My Frenchton is the perfect mix of both… I will say as far as ease of training goes I guess I’d say Boston…

  3. Dog breeders. Asking dogs "do you want shorter nose deformed jaw so you can breathe harder" Humans hmm lets make these dogs more unhealthy because buyers prefer it that way otherwise why would they prefer deformed dogs? stupidity of humans has no limits both breeders and buyers.

  4. I personally prefer the Frenchie! I’ve been around them in the past and they are absolutely hilarious! They are the most kind goofballs you will ever meet! I’m getting one in 6 weeks and her name is Eliza!

  5. I love my Boston Terrier, also did not know they were loosely related to pitbulls. Makes sense why him and my pitbull manage to get along so well. Albeit raised both of from when they were pups. The pitbull seems to be acting more as the mediator to my boston's stubborn attitude as he like to "argue". Been time's where my pit will pick the boston on the back of the neck and toss him aside lightly basically telling him to quit his shit. It's an interesting relationship they have. Definitely loving brothers in the end though. Pets of any kind will always bring joy in your life

  6. We have had both of them. Currently, our oldest son has a Frenchie and a red Boston Terrier. Their names are Buddy and Hazel. I love them both…..and they're so much fun to watch togeetther. It would be hard to pick a favorite, especially since we have owned 2 Bostons.. They are both the most loveable smart pets, so either one you pick would be a great choice. They love to cuddle, and they are so devoted to their family.

  7. They look similar although they have completely different temperaments. The Boston is a more serious kind of dog where as the Frenchie is a joker like the English Bulldog/Boxer

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