Boston Terrier Compilation

Here we have a few clips of one of the most hyper and funniest dogs around, the boston terrier.

Bellow I have included the links to the channels and credit is included in the video. As a bonus I have also included a clip of my cousin’s terrier doing something very funny 🙂

Crazy Boston terrier in baby’s crib! Must see!!!

Angriest Puppy Wants His Bone

Kevin Cambell:
My Boston Terrier Joy is a Crazy Person!

Bob’s new boots


guilty boston terrier

crazy boston terrier

22 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Compilation”

  1. I knew this one Boston terrier and he was really aggressive. He always tried to rip out this one guys hair and fart on his face. He couldn’t STAND him.
    But he was a good dog. He was just a FOOL.

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