8 Things Jack Russell Terriers Absolutely Hate!

Jack Russell Terriers have a few things that they absolutely hate. It’s part of the personality of a Jack Russell Terrier and in this video, I break down the top things I believe most Jack Russell Terriers dislike. Luna and I (my Jack Russell Terrier) hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a happy new year.

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40 thoughts on “8 Things Jack Russell Terriers Absolutely Hate!”

  1. All are so true my 2 JRTs hates all of those except the car ride or getting anxious with vehicles. I love them so much! Im glad I was able to see this channel.

  2. My Jack Russell hates going on walks in my neighbourhood. He loves it when we go hiking in the mountains…. and anywhere else thats not my neighbourhood. He also hates Agamas. Awesome video!

  3. I'm hysterical watching this especially seeing Luna acting like this with you. I am a little nervous cause I'm bring home my little Jackchi and I have a cat who I'n nuts over and he is so affectionate with me. We are always together I think I'm in for trouble. Right now Tyrone is sleeping in the new dog bed!!! Oh boy!!!

  4. I worry about my JRT getting lose from her leash or getting out the door. I am afraid she will run away and get into trouble. I don’t have a fenced in yard but I walk her a lot.
    Do JRT run away or do they stay close by? I’d love to let her run free. I have a big yard.
    I adopted my JRT three months ago from an animal rescue. Working on training.

  5. I have a 3 year old JRT. So very similar to Luna. Shes the best and I have spent a lot of time with her . She has free range in the yard and on the trail in the woods. I did use a training collar She learned so quickly. I still put it on for security. She minds better than my 10 year old pit bull.

  6. You stop petting = tongue in your mouth … or ear … or nose! My JR hate air cooled motor noises (motor cycles, lawn mowers, old air cooled VW engines). My JR LOVES car rides! She has a booster seat in the back seat so she can see out all the windows easily and a seat belt that connects to the base of the headrest on one end and to her harness on the other. If she even suspects she might be going for a ride, she goes nuts!

  7. My JRT to a T except she wants to attack the cars. I think if she could she would bite their tires and give them a kill shake. She hates anything in the yard, human, animal or otherwise that doesn't belong there. If it belongs, than it's fine. Our cat is her best friend but strays are not welcome ???? I could never live without a JRT, although they are pretty bossy! Sometimes it's a battle of wills!

  8. My 2 year old Jack Russell likes to lick/clean the eyes of my other pup, it annoys my other pup but its become a morning routine for her lol …also when we walk our dogs all together (4) she likes to be in the front line and ahead of the rest lol…anyone else?

  9. My Jack Russell gets very jealous when I give another dog any attention. He will jump in between me and any other dog, making sure that I belong to him.

  10. We have a new chocolate lab and my Jack Russell is not having it. She is around other dogs in our house but started as a puppy. This new Lab is not a favorite. Any tips???

  11. My dog is hyper af he is only 8 months and he is soo hyper and I put him in my kitchen on a leash and when I’m talking to people he barks and just looks for attention but I love him there lovely dogs

  12. My dog is almost the same but she isn’t really protective she is very scared of any person other than the home residents. She was a victim of animal abuse and we rescued her she hates when people are acting aggressive

  13. My Lucy hates stairs, specifically hollow ones. I do not usually stay where people can be heard upstairs but my boyfriends house has an upstairs and it freaks her out. She hates groups of kids. She is uneasy around them. She lets them pet her if I am holding her but not that much on her own. I try to socialize her but when we go to pet smart or petco she gets freaked out by larger dogs. They are not doing anything but she is like “ive never seen that what the heck is that ?!” She loves car rides and she used to sit in a car seat on long drives. She is perfectly happy with them now.

  14. Weird , our jackrussells are different . Hate nail trimming , sprinklers , anything with a motor , air/pressured air .
    Love car rides more than anything and hate anything that makes a squeek they will kill

  15. My JRT hates being leashed up. She also hates car rides. My dog also is aggressive towards large dogs. My dog is 8 yrs old and I rescued her about a year ago. I do not know her previous training but has had only 1 accident in 1 year.

  16. Owww my Ziggy is little pice of work… I love him but he never is calm even when he sleeps he is eating his toy. And things what jack Russell haits is more then just 8. All thinks what this mean discounted is come for all dogs. Nothing personal. In my life I had different breads of dogs- but Jack Russell is absolutely difrent that can't even call him dog. It's hard for me find real way have get him true. He is like deep mirror to your soul. Because he is copying your emotions and behaviour

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