5 Real Reasons NOT To Get A Boston Terrier

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In this video, I cover 5 real reasons you shouldn’t get a Boston Terrier. This video is for anyone who is on the fence as to whether or not the Boston Terrier is the right dog breed for them and their family’s lifestyle. If you are trying to choose a puppy watch this video to see if you need to rule out this dog breed over any others you might be thinking about getting.

Need More Reasons? Read this article that covers 12 reasons not to get a Boston Terrier:


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25 thoughts on “5 Real Reasons NOT To Get A Boston Terrier”

  1. My Boston’s farts don’t stink anymore. No lie. He used to clear a room with his toxic farts until I switched his food. He eats Honest Kitchen dehydrated food, and no more table scraps. His treats are also air dried. No kibble, no canned dog food. Now I just hear his toots, don’t smell them.

  2. I owned three of them, they are the best dogs I have ever owned. The last one passed away about a year ago. We want to get another one but we have been unable to find one we can afford.

  3. I love my Boston but does anyone else gad issues with vomiting??? My Boston is having health issues and would think about another one but they don’t seem easy to find breeders in my area.

  4. Man. Wish you would have made this before you convinced me to finally get a Boston a year ago ???? Although nothing could have prepared me for the farts ????

  5. "They dont want to go outside" "they only need to be out for a little bit" "they need to cuddle".
    ….and? I'm lazy. I had one for 13 years and he was perfect

  6. I have a female Boston Terrier (Gracie). When she was given to me I think she'd been weaned a week or 2 early as she was experiencing a lot of diarrhea with puppy food. I began giving her a spoonful of vanilla Greek yogurt every morning after her first trip outside to potty.

    She loved it, it seemed to help her build up the good gut bacteria to resolve her frequently diarrhea and I continue to give her a spoonful of it most days even not that she will be 8 years old in a few months.

    An added bonus to giving her the yogurt (I believe) is that she farts MUCH less often than most Bostons and when she does it is not usually so stinky. Gracie loves vanilla Greek yogurt or puréed pumpkin as a treat and I feel both are healthy for her digestive system.

  7. Id like a boston because Im an over the road driver and Id think they would be a great road companion. And with the the confined space of a truck. They are the perfect size. I look for them every state I go through.

  8. No. 6 – anxiety : if you are an empath, you'll end up wanting to bash your head through a wall. They have a high level of anxiety and their constant need to be on top of you can be stifling.
    Just my experience ????
    They do have good aspects too
    Great video ????

  9. I had a tiny pit called pye, she was the best lil friend for 12 years & now after 5 years of grieving I'm ready for another friend but I think another pit would hurt too much with me comparing them to pye so I thought a Boston terrier may work my only concern is the short nose where I live it's very humid being ex rainforest it gets very humid but I can't exercise very much being crippled at the present so would only expect them to put up with an hours slow walk/hobble that has lots of rest stops. I love cuddly dogs who like to sleep with me & I reckon charcoal may help with stinky farts. they appear to be a very gentle version of a staffie to me & I just love how they look.

  10. Those are five very good reasons not to get a Boston. I am a first time Boston owner and our relationship has lasted over ten years now. I don't think I can have any other dog. I'm over the farts and funny noises around the house. I would sure miss those the most if anything happened to her. Thank you for your video. I enjoyed it. It was to the point and interesting.

  11. With my boston, the fart stench depends on what he's ate in the last few days. The right food and he never stinks terribly but definitely still toots a lot. Lol

  12. only 5 reasons not to, compared to the 10 or more, TO have one! Grew up with rabbits, and fish…my first dog was our Chauncey, a 6 year old Boston, back in 2013. He was the best dog, I could have hoped to have, as a first dog. Now we have a girl, our little Abby! She's great, and we love her so much. While there are things that may turn off someone from having a Boston, they may also want to evaluate if a dog in general, is for them? Maybe they're more cat people, and don't know it?

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